Galef's work is most readily available to the public in the form of Seeking Seven's discography. All drums you hear on that channel are Galefore, baby! They also have a very old humor/gaming "let's play" channel in Super Thorio Bros., a channel of two hilarious people who are not in fact Bros. playing video games. He loves the process of artistic creation in various other forms - acting, art, poetry, sculpting - and if/when sites to view their work in those other mediums become available, the appropriate links will be added here.

** NOTE: The name "Landon" heard in Super Thorio Bros. videos is one of the creator's, Skye's, deadname. Skye is proud of these videos and happy to have them shared, but please mentally correct the name when viewing! "Landon" --> Skye. **

YouTube (Seeking Seven):

YouTube (Super Thorio Bros.):