Marilink, also known as ML, is another VGF oldie who joined the old forums back when the year count began with "19." He has been a longtime moderator, but most of his community efforts focus on the "discussing gaming" side... because of that, coupled with his background in music, he's now been featured as a guest on a podcast discussing video game music! This was a special episode dedicated to ice and snow themes for the winter holidays. Give it a listen if you'd like to hear some good tunes and engaging, thoughtful commentary.

Podcast episode: Super Marcato Bros. Guest Host Takeover - Ice & Snow is Back Again!

(ML is certainly not the only creator in the family. He's shared some of his daughter's works with the community, and they're absolutely delightful!!)

marker art of a mermaid with red hair and a green tail swimming above an undersea palace. Green fish and a dolphin are also shown. It is clearly drawn by someone very young.

whiteboard art featuring two figures in a boat and a very large, pink fish underneath them in the ocean. The pink fish has eyelashes. There is also a sea turtle and what appears to be a cliff to the right. It is clearly drawn by a young child. a desk with a watercolor painting of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. Below toothless is a purple happy face. It is clearly painted by someone very young. An art book reference is also pictured.