S1x once said: "you can tell I value gameplay over story because I like Final Fantasy VIII." The fact that FFVIII features the greatest story of all time* notwithstanding, it's true - this gamer loves numbers. He loves balance, synergy, and designing devilish challenges. Once upon a time, he had a website full of original puzzles, but that is no longer available to share. Instead, he's pivoted to developing games. You can find his game releases on itch.io - "Impossible Cave" is a long-term project of his that now has has a fully playable demo! To see most of his machinations and behind-the-scenes on his work, join his Discord server linked below and get updates on all of his projects.

Itch.io: https://s1xplus.itch.io/

Discord Server: to throw off bots, the URL has been slightly altered. Replace "?" in the following URL with the number of legs an octopus has! https://discord.com/invite/FbePay?

* It has an evil time-traveling sorceress do a triple flip through the ceiling, what more do you want?